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2017 MCCA 夏令会注册64日截止。公众网上注册64日即停止。64日之后欲参加大会的请到现场报名。请各教会负责同工收集支票和注册材料后尽快寄给我们。和往年相同,各教会在MCCA有专门的注册账户。各教会负责同工可以登陆该注册账户帮助本教会会众按传统方式完成注册。需要注册账户登陆信息的同工请与我们联系。 

2017 MCCA summer retreat pre-registration will end on June 4. The public online registration service will also stop on the same day. Please register on site after June 4.  The registration focal from each church please collect all checks as well as registration materials and mail to us ASAP.  As usual, MCCA registration operator account is available for each church. So the registration focal from each church can log into the account to finish registration in the traditional way. Please contact us for account login information if needed.  

2017 中西部 華人基督徒夏令會 ‎‎( MCCA 2017 )‎‎

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